C&S Sales Inc.

Our Contract Finishing Facility offers custom service on all shapes and sizes of stampings and castings including deburring and finishing of all types of parts. Our trained technicians provide fast, quality service in a shop equipped with state-of-the-art vibratory, rotary, centrifugal, washing and drying equipment. Send us a sample ISO 9001 and we will process it and return it to you so you can see for yourself.

Truck Pick Up & Delivery

  • Daily truck service in the Milwaukee and Wausau area.


  • Ceramic, Plastic or steel media deburring available.  Completely removes burrs, applying a radius to all sharp edges while facilitating function and safety.

Washing and Degreasing

  • Removes oil, dust and machine cuttings leaving your parts metallurgically clean.


  • Efficiently cleans and removes heat treatment scale and oxidation, returning all metals to their original color.


  • Prior to plating, a gentle action vibratory finish with a resin bond media results in a 4-6 RMS finish.


  • Applies a fine jewelled finish to any metal.


  • Vibratory finishing can restore the finish of old parts as well as provide an excellent bonding surface prior to painting any metal surface.


  • Completely removes flashings from die cast or plastic parts.

Vibratory Polishing

  • Can achieve mirror finishes

C&S Sales carries all the top Used Vibratory Equipment

  • Almco
  • Rosemont
  • Rotofinish
  • Sweco
  • CLM VibeTech
  • Vibrahone
  • Vibrafinish
  • V L Rampe
ISO 9001:2015

Shop ISO 9001:2015 Certified